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Four cornerstones of digital strategy

In today's industrial landscape, success of a digital strategy is built on four pillars: functionality, scalability, agility, and security. At Forge, we understand these cornerstones and leverage them to craft best-in-class industrial solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our team of experts translates your vision into reality, architecting systems that seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, optimize performance, and future-proof your operations.

Examples of solutions we can build

  • Real-time asset monitoring: Track the performance and health of your assets in real-time using edge computing and cloud analytics.
  • Remote field service optimization: Empower field technicians with real-time data access and mobile applications to improve service efficiency.
  • Integrate master data with anomaly detection: Use master data to contextualize anomalies detected by your predictive models to identify root causes and prioritize maintenance activities.
  • Smart supply chain management: Track inventory and optimize logistics across your supply chain using cloud and edge technologies.
  • Secure and scalable data storage: Store and manage your data securely and scalable across the cloud and edge.
  • Intuitive cross-platform HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces): Centralized development and distribution to every machine through edge and independent from HMI hardware.
  • Modernization of business-critical solutions: Migrate workloads, update technologies, modernize architecture and integrate new services into the current setup.
  • Situational Awareness Solutions: Gain a comprehensive view of your operations with real-time data visualization and anomaly detection.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrate systems across your organization, eliminating data silos and improving efficiency.
  • AI & Data platforms: To forecast demand, optimize production and monetize your data in a new way.

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Mikko Viskari
Head of Technology

Mikko Viskari