Senior Developer

We are looking for software developers interested in building industrial solutions. Whether you are an experienced professional who can lead the technical development of large-scale projects by your own, or a developer with a few years of work experience, we are interested in you.

If you think developing business-critical industrial applications could be your thing, drop us a message. We will be happy to share our thoughts more. Let’s find a suitable role for you at Forge – together!

We are technology agnostic and choose the best technologies for each use, considering the entire life cycle of the information system. In example, the following technologies are recently used in our projects:

  • C#/.NET, Azure, NestJS/Node.js, TypeScript, React

We expect know-how on databases (MS SQL, PostgreSQL, and/or MongoDB) and we are also interested in developers with background in Kubernetes, AWS, F#, Python or Java/Scala/Kotlin.

Optimally, you are a full-stack developer with a DevOps mindset, i.e. you understand the entire software development process. In addition to a wide-ranging competence, we also value the recognition of one's own competence and specialization in one or more areas.

Examples of possible project tasks:

  • Development of operational and work-enhancing systems
  • HMI development for industrial environments
  • Development of data collection pipelines which collects data from multiple sources
  • Development of integrations to connect production, business and automation

Please send your application to us in, we are waiting to hear from you.

How to apply

We're excited to see your application! Simply mail it to and we'll be in touch soon.

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