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We are Forge Digital – a technology agency with cutting-edge solutions and strong domain knowledge for industrial digitalization. We are continuously looking for people with different backgrounds to join our team. If you share our mission of digitalizing the industrial sector, let us know more about you and send us an open application!

First, let us tell you more about Forge Digital

We empower industrial companies by harnessing the power of technology to achieve their business goals and surpass industry standards.

Our mission is to improve our clients’ performance. We guide companies in assessing their current digital maturity, identifying digital challenges and opportunities, and designing a customized digitalization roadmap.

We leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance operational efficiency. Our expertise in analytics, machine learning, edge computing, and sensor-machine integrations enables us to create a sustainable competitive edge.

Who we are & How we work

Being founded in 2023, we are now building our core team with experienced technical specialists and senior consultants with strong knowledge of industrial clients and their opportunities, challenges and environments in digitalization. We value your ability to work independently and as part of a team, thus client-centricity is really a key for us. You should have good communication skills in English and Finnish, and the ability to explain technical concepts and results to stakeholders having different backgrounds.

We are technology agnostic, and our goal is to help our customers succeed in digitalizing their business and operations. We appreciate the ability to learn new things and willingness to keep focus on the business behind the cool technologies used. Anyway, we can describe some of our building blocks:

  • Data: data architecture, databases, data platforms, data processing, data warehousing
  • Cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS, and hybrid infrastructures
  • Programming languages: C#, Node.js, Python – to name a few- Machine learning models, Gen AI, Optimization
  • Business Intelligence tools

In our projects we drive the digital transformation in the industrial sector, which can include many different missions: from developing business-critical industrial applications to building robust and scalable data solutions, or streamlining industrial processes, production or warehousing – and a lot more!

What we can offer

With us you get to focus and specialize in making the digitalization in industrial sector happen. You will join a highly motivated and experienced team, with whom to build the story of Forge Digital. As a newly established company, we provide a real opportunity to put your mark on how we work, operate and innovate with clients. We have ambition and goals placed, and you can read more about us in the latest press release.

In addition, we offer you a good salary based on your experience level. Our comfy office in Kehräsaari offers a nice atmosphere to work in. We work in a flexible hybrid model. We have an office in Tampere, but we operate also in Helsinki, so you can be Helsinki-based. In that case, we hope you occasionally visit Tampere office, but our aim is to have an office in Helsinki soon.

Our recruitment process

If Forge’s approach resonates to you, drop us a message. You can send your application to us by email: We’d like to see your CV and read a bit more about why you wish to join us, what type of roles and areas interest you and where you see your career heading. Let’s find a suitable role for you at Forge – together!

During the summer holiday season, a delay in our recruitment process and response to you is expected. We will get back to you as soon as possible after July.

How to apply

We're excited to see your application! Simply mail it to and we'll be in touch soon.

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